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Arts & Humanities Research Council
British Academy

Society, Culture and Politics of Eastern Europe

12-13 December 2008 

Nissan Lecture Theatre, St Antony's College, University of Oxford

This conference was organised by the five CEELBAS Postdoctoral Research Fellows working on the Centre’s thematic strands of: Cities and Urban Experience, Health and Welfare, Social Inequalities, Contemporary Cultural Processes and Foreign Policy in the region. The aim of the conference was to take forward the Centre’s research and create new synergies as a follow-up to the International Launch Conference (East European Area Studies: Setting the Research Agenda) held at UCL in April 2007. Please see full programme


Panel 1: Polish Foreign Policy: Helping to Set a New Agenda for the EU?

Listen to Dr Nathaniel Copsey (CEELBAS)

Listen to Dr Marcin Zaborowski (EU Institute for Strategic Studies)

Listen to Dr Karolina Pomorska (University of Maastricht)

Panel 2: Challenges and Innovations in Health care Reforms in CEECs and Russia

Listen to Yiannis Kyratsis (Centre for Health Management Imperial College Business School) ‘Diffusion across contested institutional terrains: a study of family medicine-centred primary care reforms of European transition countries’ - see PowerPoint

Listen to Benoit Mathivet (CEELBAS) ‘The problematic development of private health insurance in Russia’ - see PowerPoint

Listen to Panos Kanavos and Sotiris Vandoros (LSE Health) ‘Enabling Access and Evaluating Health Policy Outcomes in the Russian Federation’

Panel 3: Emerging dimensions of social inequality in Russia and Eastern Europe

Listen to Dr Charles Walker (CEELBAS) ‘Re-inventing themselves? Young Russians’ negotiations of work, gender and class in emerging education and labour markets’

Listen to Dr John Round (University of Birmingham) ‘Everyday tactics and spaces of power: the role of informal economies in post-Soviet Ukraine’ - see PowerPoint

Listen to Professor Stephen Whitefield and Dr Matthew Loveless (University of Oxford) ‘What is Social Inequality in Central and Eastern Europe?’ - see PowerPoint

Panel 4: Capturing Urban Experiences in the Transitional City

Listen to Professor Eve Blau (Harvard University) ‘Project Zagreb: Transition as Condition, Strategy, Practice’

Listen to Dr Oleg Pachenkov (CISR, St.Petersburg) ‘Spaces of N/Ostalgia. Flea markets in contemporary European cities’

Listen to Dr Andrew Herscher (University of Michigan) ‘Capturing Urban Violence: The Unbuilding of Prishtina’

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