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Cognitive Linguistic Methods and Translation Strategies in Cultural and Media Analysis: Workshop Reports

Workshop 1
Cognitive Linguistics and Interdisciplinarity in Russian and East European Studies - June 2011
Workshop 2
Reading, Comprehension and Translation Strategies: Working with the Russia Media for Research Purposes - December 2012
Workshop 3
Languages, Media and Politics: Cognitive Linguistic Methods in Discourse Analysis - September 2013
Pleshakova and Davis

Workshop 1: The Use of Cognitive Linguistics and Interdisciplinarity in the Area of Russian and East European Studies

Date: 30 June 2011

Organiser: Dr Anna Pleshakova (University of Oxford)

Promoting an open dialogue between cognitive linguists, linguists and scholars from other humanities and social sciences fields interested in cultural research, The Use of Cognitive Linguistics and Interdisciplinarity in the Area of Russian and East European Studies was a workshop aimed at enhancing the productivity of CEELBAS postgraduate students’ research and learning processes. As well as providing a valuable opportunity for professional development in language-based research skills, the workshop has created a network of researchers from CEELBAS universities and beyond interested in the application of cognitive linguistics theoretical frameworks and methods to interdisciplinary research in the ‘Russian and East European Studies’ area.

The following materials are available for download:

Keynote Presentations (slides):

Round table session abstracts:

Workshop 2: One-Week Intensive Language Training Course on Reading, Comprehension and Translation Strategies for Advanced Learners of Russian: Working with Media for Research Purposes

Dates: 15-19 December 2012

Organiser: Dr Anna Pleshakova (University of Oxford)

This week-long training course was devoted to training research students from to work with Russian media discourse (TV, press, Internet, radio). The 15 participants were drawn from universities within both the CEELBAS and CRCEES networks.

The training course covered different thematic subtopics related to the main types of media discourse, including sessions on translation theory, and comprehension/translation practice in the form of group sessions and small group sessions. Participants worked with various discourse types, various linguistic levels of texts, and examined their socio-cultural and conceptual context, while applying the discourse comprehension/translation strategies learned in the duration of the course. All participants had a chance to work with types of discourse especially relevant to their research.

"This was an excellent course with a high level of teaching! Thank you for the opportunity to study translation, it was very useful for my PhD"
"I really liked the fact that we focused on material relevant to each others' research. I was also really interested in the theoretical side"
"Well-organised and guided classes made challenging material understandable"
"I felt that I learned a lot and enjoyed the opportunity for interaction with other advanced learners of Russian, which I don't usually get"

Workshop 3: Languages, Media and Politics: Cognitive Linguistic Methods in Discourse Analysis

Dates: 27-28 September 2013

Organiser: Dr Anna Pleshakova (University of Oxford)
Co-organiser: Ms Ariadna Tsenina (University of Oxford)

Featuring talks by world-renowned specialists, this workshop focused on the application of innovative cognitive linguistic methods (qualitative and quantitative) to media discourse analysis. It promoted the development of the language and research methods skills of some 40 doctoral students and early-career researchers at CEELBAS universities and helped to build a CEELBAS based research network in the field of cognitive linguistic approaches to discourse analysis. The workshop pack is available at the link below and features the full programme, speakers' research profiles and paper abstracts

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