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Overseas Research Training Grants

CEELBAS awards grants that enable doctoral students from its partner universities to acquire specialist language-based area studies research training that is not available in the UK. These grants also play a valuable role in facilitating international collaboration and research networks amongst up-and-coming scholars, and in assisting the international dissemination of research findings and the refinement of research questions.

Additional 'top-up' funding from the Arts & Humanities Research Council has also enabled CEELBAS to provide a number of grants in support of overseas fieldwork and archives visits.

Grants Awarded by CEELBAS:

Academic Year 2011-2012

Grant Recipient
University Activity and Location (click to read report)
Vsevolod Samokhvalov Cambridge Summer School of Romanian Language, Culture and Civilisation (Brasov, Romania) July 2012
Nicholas Prindiville
Intensive Finnish language course, University of Helsinki Language Centre (Finland)
July-August 2012
Alice Thornton
Oxford Russian language course at N.I. State University of Nizhniy Novgorod (Russia)
August 2012
Philip Dandolov
Bath Research interviews and one-to-one Language Training, Romania
September 2012

Academic Year 2012-2013

(Note: In academic year 2012-13, additional AHRC funding was awarded to CEELBAS to support the provision of travel grants for fieldwork and research, as well as for training purposes)

Grant Recipient
University Activity and Location (click to view reports)
Hannah Wadle
Manchester Co-organisation of international research training workshop on Travel and Tourism in Central and Eastern Europe (Basel, Switzerland)
October 2012
Imogen Wade
UCL Training and dissemination activities for the collaborative project 'Obninsk - The First Russian Science City' (Russia)
October-November 2012
Ilya Yablokov
Manchester Research interviews and primary source material collection on post-Soviet elections (Moscow, Russia)
December 2012-January 2013
Godze Yazici Corut
Manchester Archival research on late-19th and early-20th century Russia-Ottoman relations (Istanbul, Turkey / Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
January 2013
Liam Campbell
UCL One-to-one Georgian language training (Tbilisi, Georgia)
January 2013
Marina Yusupova
Manchester Fieldwork and research on Russian masculinity (Samara, Russia)
December 2012-January 2013
Alistair Dickins
Archival research on the Russian Revolution in Siberia (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
January-March 2013
Bartley Rock
Archival research on the 1891-92 Russian famine (Russia) January-March 2013
Precious Chatterje-Doody
Advanced Russian language training and research interviews (Moscow, Russia)
February 2013
Suzanna Ivanic
Archival research on religious attitudes in 17th century Prague (Prague, Czech Republic)
February-March 2013
John Kennedy
Intensive Russian language training at the ExLinguo Language Centre (Novosibirsk, Russia) February-March 2013
Eleanor Janega
Archival research at the Czech National Library on religion and politics in 14th century Prague (Prague, Czech Republic)
March 2013
Simon Lewis
Research on Polish literary and ethnographic descriptions of Belarus (Warsaw, Poland)
March 2013
Natasha Oxley
Fieldwork and archival research on Polish Theatre (Poznan and Warsaw, Poland)
December 2012 and March 2013
Diana Kudaibergenova
Latvian language classes (Riga, Latvia)
February-May 2013
Jennifer Griffiths UCL
Language training and archival research on Imperial Russian Central Asia (Almaty, Kazakhstan  and Tashkent, Uzbekistan) June-July 2013
Yakoob Ahmed SOAS
Ottoman Turkish language training at the Ottoman Studies Foundation Summer School (Cunda, Turkey) July-August 2013
Kasia Szymanska
Participation in 7th European Society for Translation Studies Congress, “Centres and Peripheries” (Germesheim, Germany)
August-September 2013
Suzanna Ivanic
Czech language course at the Prague Summer University. Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic)
July 2013
Moritz Pieper
European Consortium for Political Research Summer School on Case Study Research (Ljubljana, Slovenia) July-August 2013
Ben Phillips
Residential Russian language course at the Extra Class language centre (St Petersburg, Russia)
August 2013

Academic Year 2013-2014

Grant Recipient
Activity and Location
Tom Rowley
Archival research and Russian language practice in Moscow (Russian Federation)
August-October 2013
Denis Volkov Manchester Participation in the 2013 Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of the Middle East and Africa (Washington D.C., USA) October 2013
Cara Kerven
Intensive Turkmen language tuition (Ashgabat, Turkmenistan)
October 2013
Louise Hardiman
Archival Research and networking in Moscow and Smolensk (Russian Federation)
October 2013
Veysel Erdemli
Participation in the 3rd International Congress of Caucasiologists at Tbilisi State University (Georgia)
October 2013
Alistair Dickins Manchester Archival research and Russian language practice in Krasnoyarsk (Russia) September-December 2013
Raphaelle Auclert Sheffield Archival research and language training in Moscow (Russia) October 2013
Anna Alekseyeva Oxford
Archival research and training, language practice and research networking (Moscow, Russia) October-November 2013
Natasha Wunsch UCL Serbian language classes, Belgrade (Serbia) November 2013
Manuela Kovalev Manchester Participation in network workshop on 'Vladimir Sorokin's Languages', Copenhagen (Denmark) November 2013
Laura Rohs Kent
Bulgarian language training in Sofia (Bulgaria) December 2013
Ed Pulford
Fieldwork and language practice in Khabarovsk Krai (Russia) December 2013
Malcolm Spencer Oxford Russian language training, St Petersburg (Russia) December 2013
Julia Leikin
Language training and Archives training, St Petersburg (Russia) December 2013-January 2014
Piotr Goldstein
Intensive Hungarian language tuition, Novi Sad (Serbia)
January 2014
Benjamin Tallis Manchester
Czech language training, Prague (Czech Republic) January 2014
Daniel Fedorowycz Oxford Polish language training in Krakow (Poland)
February-April 2014
Ilya Yablokov Manchester
Conference participation and research networking in St Petersburg (Russian Federation)
April 2014
Polina Manolova
Workshop on conducting Ethnographic Research in the Balkans, Bulgarian Institute of Folklore, Sofia (Bulgaria) April-May 2014
Ivan Simic
Archival research and research networking in Zagreb (Croatia) and Ljubljana (Slovenia) June 2014
Iryna Clark
Archive training and research networking in Minsk (Belarus) July-August 2014
Natasha Wilson
Russian language training, Moscow (Russian Federation)
June-September 2014
Michelle Assay Eshghpour Sheffield
Research training and networking in Moscow (Russian Federation)
May 2014
Olivia Humphrey
Russian language training, Moscow (Russian Federation) June 2014
Ilya Yablokov
Networking and research dissemination in Moscow (Russian Federation) June 2014
Izabella Goldstein
Yiddish language training, Tel Aviv (Israel) June-July 2014

Academic Years 2014-2015 / 2015-2016

Grant Recipient
University Activity and Location
(click to read report)
Florence Graham
Oxford Research networking and consultation in Oslo (Norway) October 2014
Matteo Benussi
Language training in Kazan (Russian Federation) Oct 2014 - Dec 2015
Katarzyna Szymanska
Participation in translation symposium in Vienna (Austria) December 2014
Margarita Vaysman
Research networking and guidance at Columbia University, New York (USA)
Feb-May 2015
Jelena Calic
Research networking and professional development training - Ljubljana (Slovenia), Graz (Austria), Krakow (Poland)
Feb-May 2015
Michelle Assay Eshghpour
Archive training and research networking at the St Petersburg National Library and Theatre Museum (Russian Federation) April-May 2015
Natasha Wilson
Research networking and language training in Moscow (Russian Federation)
July-Sept 2015
Julia Leikin
Archival research training in Tartu & Tallinn (Estonia)
June 2015
Edward Johnson
Ukrainian language course in Lviv (Ukraine)
June-Aug 2015
Mitjo Vaulasvirta
Serbian/Croatian language training in Belgrade (Serbia)
June-July 2015
Lorena Lombardozzi
Uzbek and Russian language training, and research training at Samarkand Agricultural University (Uzbekistan) Aug -Dec 2015
Fadhel Abbas Shalal
Training in cognitive linguistics and Russian language at HSE Moscow (Russian Federation) (cancelled)
From Sept 2015
Olena Dmytryk
Research networking and dissemination with the Moscow Feminist Group (Moscow, Russian Federation)
September 2015
Eugenijus Liutkevičius Birmingham
Ukrainian language course in Lviv, Ukraine Dec 2015