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CEELBAS Postgraduate Research Ethics Workshops

The CEELBAS research ethics workshops series brings together postgraduate researchers and CEELBAS academics to discuss research ethics and share experiences of fieldwork and research in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. 

Workshop 1: "Postgraduate Workshop on Ethics" (UCL, 23 September 2009)

Workshop 2: "Research Ethics and the Practicalities of Doing fieldwork in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe" (UCL, 30 October 2010)

Workshop 3: "Whose Ethics? Politics and Moral Dilemmas of Social Research in Eastern Europe and Beyond" (University of Warwick, 21 October 2011)

Workshop 4: "Ethics of Online Research in Russian and East European Studies" (University of Manchester, 21 November 2012)

Workshop 5: "Practical and ethical dilemmas facing researchers from Central and Eastern Europe based at UK universities and studying Central and Eastern Europe" (University of Bath, 1 July 2013)


Papers developing the discussions initiated through the first three research ethics workshops (2009-2011) have since been published in a special section of Sociological Research Online guest edited by Ulrike Ziemer and Anton Popov:

Research Ethics and Moral Dilemmas of Social Research in Post-Socialist Europe and Beyond

(Sociological Research Online. Vol. 19, Issue 4, Nov. 2014, ISSN: 1360-7804)

Platform Ukraine symposium - research methods podcasts 

Presentations on Studying the post-socialist space in times of crisis from the Platform Ukraine symposium at UCL SSEES (19 September 2014).