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CEELBAS Studentship Holders

Doctoral Students
Master's Students

Doctoral Students

 First name  Surname  Institution  Start date  End date  Project title
Anna Paterson UCL  01.10.06 30.09.09 Explaining Russia's interests in Afghanistan, 1992-2006
Fiona Robertson UCL  01.10.06 30.09.09 Political participation of youth in Poland and Romania
Dorota Osipovic UCL  01.10.06 30.09.09 Social Citizenship Practices of Polish Migrants in London
Inga Saikkonen Oxford  01.10.06 30.09.09 Russian regional political regimes 1991-2005, structural and political resources
Matthew Frear Birmingham  01.10.06 30.09.09 Political Change in Independent Belarus
Richard Connolly  Birmingham  01.10.06 30.09.09 A sectoral explanation of political and economic change in Eastern Europe
Chiara Amini UCL  01.10.07 30.09.10 amini

FDI and Institutions: The Case of Eastern Europe

Olga Cara UCL  01.10.07 30.09.10 Hidden Curricula and Ethnicity in Schools: Peers' and Teachers' Influence
Gyorgy Greskovits UCL  01.10.07 30.09.10 Representing Discontinuity: The Politics of Re-narration in Hungary's Post-communist Democracy: 1989-2006
Thomas Jackson UCL  01.10.07 30.09.10 jackson small

Serbian Diasporas and the Transfer of Knowledge and Ideas

Raluca Musat UCL  01.10.07 30.09.10 Rural Sociology and Nationalism in Interwar Romania
Andrew Foxall Oxford  01.10.07 30.09.10 Mapping Ethnic Relations: cartography, geopolitics, and security in the North Caucasus
Agnia Baranauskaite Oxford  01.10.07 30.09.10 Explaining Baltic Foreign Policy towards Russia, 1994-2008
Peter Zeniewski Oxford  01.10.07 30.09.10 Economic and political relations between Russia and the EU
Tatiana Gladkikh Birmingham  01.10.07 30.09.10 Erosion of national identity? The role of the international business environment in shaping the identities of Russian and British business people
Maya Atwal Birmingham  01.10.07 30.09.10 Political (dis)engagement amongst young Russians
Daniela Ionescu Birmingham  01.10.07 30.09.10 ionescu small

Influencing the process of Enlargement: the Commission and the Parliament. Case-study: the 2007 Enlargement with Romania and Bulgaria

Alexandru Boican UCL  01.10.08 30.09.10 The Fate of the Novel: Romanian aesthetic subjectivity in the transition from Communism to Post-Communism
Natasha Oxley Oxford  01.10.08 30.09.11 Representations of Poles and Poland, Britons and Britain, and Polish-British relations in contemporary Polish drama: (Un)requited love, a marriage of convenience, or tenant and landlord?
Michal Simecha Oxford  01.10.08 30.09.11 Learning from success: diffusion of transition experience in the post-communist world
Duncan Leitch Birmingham  01.10.08 30.09.11 Knowledge and policy transfer in urban and regional government: a study of the experience of two post-communist states (Ukraine and Moldova)
Federica Prina UCL  01.01.09 30.12.11 Protecting minorities in Modern Russia: Civil Society, Government and International Standards
Elizabeth Harrison UCL  01.01.09 30.12.11 harrison small

Attitudes towards Catholicism in Russian Literary Culture of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Katarina Hoffmann Birmingham  01.01.09 30.12.11 Capabilities of Regional Integration in the Post-Soviet Space
Victoria Hudson Birmingham  01.01.09 30.12.11 Russian Foreign Policy for the Twenty First Century
Anna Bailey UCL  01.10.09 30.09.12 bailey small

Treatment Services for Alcoholics in Russia's Volga Region

Justin Elliott UCL  01.10.09 30.09.12 Albanian Identity in Kosovo, 1956-2008
Christy Smith UCL  01.10.09 30.09.12 Political Economy/Transition
Joanna Szostek Oxford  01.10.09 30.09.12 saostek small

Different Mediumn, Different Message? A comparative study of Russian print and TV news 2007-9

Alison Smith Oxford  01.10.09 30.09.12 Overcoming Communist Legacies: Elite Circulation, Political Party Development and Institutional Incentives
Thom Davies Birmingham  01.10.09 30.09.12 State versus Scoiety: multi-level governance and the Chernobyl landscape
Stephanie Garstin Birmingham  01.10.09 30.09.12 garstin small

Energy governance in post-socialism: The Czech Republic and Latvia in comparative perspective

Masters Students

Alexandru Boican UCL  01.10.06 30.09.08 Transfigurations of the Self, the representation of social transformation in the novels of Marin Preda
Francois Gill UCL  01.10.06 30.09.08 Napoleon III and the Polish Question
JJ Gurga UCL  01.10.06 30.09.08 Russian/Ukrainian IR and National Identity
Nicholas Massey UCL  01.10.06 30.09.08 ‘Relocating Baltic postcolonialism: a critical analysis of youth discourse among teenagers in post-colonial Riga’
Simon Pawley UCL  01.10.06 30.09.08 Public Health in late-Imperial Russia
Christy Smith UCL  01.10.06 30.09.08 Institutions and Economic Performance in Transition
Sarah Smith UCL  01.10.06 30.09.08 'Coming to Terms with the Past: Czechoslovak Eugenics, Romani Sterilizations and the Politics of History'
Magdalena Bezdekova Oxford  01.10.06 30.06.08 NGOs in Russia in the fight against HIV/AIDS
James Cameron Oxford  01.10.06 30.06.08 Impact of domestic politics on Russian foreign policy during Kosovo crisis of 1999
Andrew Nethercott Oxford  01.10.06 30.06.08 Role of energy in Russian foreign policy
Anna Bailey UCL  01.10.07 30.09.09 Alcoholism in Russia/Ukraine
James Dawson UCL  01.10.07 30.09.09 Bulgarian Ethnopolitics
Mark Griffiths UCL  01.10.07 30.09.09 Cities in Film
Charlotte Johnson UCL  01.10.07 30.09.09 Post socialist urban experience: material and social changes of Belgrade’s neighbourhoods
Richard Morgan UCL  01.10.07 30.09.09 Stakhanovism
Jennifer Rasell UCL  01.10.07 30.09.09 Hungarian Outside Hungary
Anna Rebmann UCL  01.10.07 30.09.09 Trust in transition economies
James Appell Oxford  01.10.07 30.06.09 The Imperial bureaucracy in the regions - Kovno guberniia 1861-1917
Anna Lordan Oxford  01.10.07 30.06.09 Crossing the "impassable line"?: Textual representations of peasant and working-class women in Late Imperial Russia
Joanna Szostek Oxford  01.10.07 30.06.09 The role and strategy of Gazprom Media in Russia's media market
Katherine Bates UCL  01.10.08 30.09.10 Romanian tower blocks
Felix Jeschke UCL  01.10.08 30.09.10 Urban culture in Slovakia/Upper Hungary
Benjamin Morgan UCL  01.10.08 30.09.10 Marginalization of urban youth in Poland and Russia
Jack Reilly UCL  01.10.08 30.09.10 Czech dissidence and democratization
David Ross UCL  01.10.08 30.09.10 Wartime conceptions of post-war Yugoslavia
Paul Sims UCL  01.10.08 30.09.10 An examination of Romanian foreign policy towards Moldova.
Andrea Talaber UCL  01.10.08 30.09.10 Commemoration under communism in Czechoslovakia and Hungary
Daria Luchinskaya Oxford  01.10.08 30.06.10 Higher Education Reforms in Russia: Evaluating effectiveness of reforms in HE financing and performance, 1985-2010
Jana Pakstaitis Oxford  01.10.08 30.06.10 Role of the Russian diaspora in the relations between Estonia and Russia
Sarah Pelling Oxford  01.10.08 30.06.10 Women's empowerment and HIV/AIDS
Amelia Abercrombie UCL   01.10.09 30.09.11 History, language and violence in the formation of national identity in SE Europe
Alice Bloch UCL  01.10.09 30.09.11

The Politics of Contemporary Artistic Practice in Bosnia-Herzegovina: A study of artists' perceptions, practices & positioning

Liane Claydon UCL  01.10.09 30.09.11 Identity in the states of the former Yugoslavia
Andrada Parfene UCL  01.10.09 30.09.11 Corruption in post-accession Romania and Bulgaria
Eleanor Ryan UCL  01.10.09 30.09.11 Contemporary Bosnian Identity
Eleanor Colley Oxford  01.10.09 30.06.11 Czech nation and the portrayal of its minorities in literature
David McArdle Oxford  01.10.09 30.06.11 The 'Kosovo Effect' from a Russian foreign policy viewpoint
Max Stanford Oxford  01.10.09 30.06.11 Socio-political dimensions of social inequality in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova