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Forthcoming Research Network Workshops

One-day research workshop on collaborative translation and self-translation

Dates: 23 January 2016
Location: University of Birmingham
Convenor: Dr Natalia Rulyova

This one-day workshop will be a stepping stone in the process of creating an international research network of scholars working in the areas of self-translation, collaborative translation and translingual writing.

It will have a particular focus on the languages spoken in Central and Eastern Europe including Russia. As a result of recent migration from Russia and other countries to the west, there is a growing number of Eastern and Central European individuals who practice and write in more than one language, translate from their native languages to English/French/Italian and/or back, and work collaboratively with native speakers to perfect their linguistic skills in their second languages. In the USA alone, there are at least several dozens of published U.S. authors who are the first or second generation of migrants from the former Soviet Union and bordering countries.

The workshop will examine methodologies, approaches and practices shared by Central and Eastern European migrant authors and their translators and it will also discuss existing theoretical frameworks which had been developed in collaborative translation and self-translation but not yet applied to the writers from Central and Eastern Europe.