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Cities and Urban Experiences in East Central Europe

(particularly post-1945)

The Role of the Cities strand in the CEELBAS agenda

This strand of the CEELBAS agenda concentrates on the configuration and representation of urban space and the ways in which this space is perceived and experienced in Central and Eastern Europe, particularly post 1945. At the heart of the Cities strand lie questions connected to the transformation of the socialist to the post-socialist city, the dynamic of homogeneity and heterogeneity in the city, of the urban rural divide, of the changing relation of city centre to periphery, and of the development of the private versus the public sphere (and its interstices).*

Coca Cola Plaza, Tallinn, Estonia, 2007

Furthering the Agenda: Research

Dr. Meike Wulf was a CEELBAS Postdoctoral Research Fellow based at UCL SSEES from January 2007 to December 2008. She was responsible for research, seminars and other academic activities within the Cities strand of the CEELBAS programme. Meike’s background is in the humanities and social science with SSEES and LSE degrees, and a PhD in contemporary East European History..

Her post-doctoral research centred on a comparative study of a post-socialist and a post-Soviet societies - that is Slovenia and Estonia - with regard to the iconography of memories of resistance in the cityscape (see: Postdoctoral Research Project Outline). The project was designed to complement the wider CEELBAS agenda through its inherent language-based interdisciplinarity seeking insights from the field of memory studies, biographic research, history, urban studies, and visual anthropology.

Dr. Wulf is now Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Maastricht: contact details

Research Poster (click to enlarge):

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Furthering the Agenda: Events

Please see Cities and Urban Experience: Events for details of  CEELBAS Cities events.

Hämarik by Mare Mikof, Tallinn, Estonia, 2007

* The development of the Cities and Urban Experience strand of CEELBAS research activity drew on the contribution of a research cluster at SSEES, UCL including Ger Duijzings, Gwen Jones, Tim Beasley-Murray and Egbert Klautke.