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CEELBAS Research Themes

For 2012-2016 CEELBAS has identified five overarching research themes:

Transnationalism and the Translation of Cultures
The effects on the CEELBAS region of the global circulation of formal and informal cultural, political, economic and social practices; tensions presented by ethnic nationalism; memory and the construction of post-Communist identities; migration processes and experiences of migrant and diasporic communities; the impact of global and digital media on transition societies.
Human Sciences and Cultural Contexts
The relationships between science, politics and society, historically and in post-Communist societies; the relationship between expert knowledge and empire-, nation- and other community-building processes; the role of linguists in shaping formal and informal regulations of language usage; the role of science in managing multi-ethnicity and multiculturalism; and the role of history politics in shaping foreign and domestic policies in the CEELBAS region.
Beyond Text? Material, Visual, Digital, Sensory and Oral Cultures
Visual, oral, material, digital, symbolic, as well as textual/verbal, modes of communication in the CEELBAS region and their relationship to diverse and shifting political imperatives, historically and in contemporary global contexts; the role and impact of new digital social networks and communication in the region; models of consumerism that have operated historically in the region, and those that are now emerging.
Global Economic and Political Developments and Their Impacts on Eastern Europe and Russia: Problems and Opportunities
The evolving challenges being presented to the CEELBAS region by the global financial crisis and its economic, political and social consequences; the processes and outcomes of economic reforms in the region; opportunities presented by growing markets in Asia; interactions between countries in the region (both members of and those outside the EU) and the EU in its current period of crisis; looking to the future of culture, society and politics in the wider Europe; security, stability and political change within the region and in response to global events; comparisons with developments and prospects in other regions, notably Japan, South and North Korea and China, and North Africa and the Middle East.
Challenges to Health and Wellbeing in an Era of Uncertainty
Responses in the CEELBAS region to the major global challenge to sustain improvements in the health and wellbeing of populations; historical and contemporary studies of health and wellbeing; comparisons of health and wellbeing issues in the CEELBAS region with those in other countries.

CEELBAS research covers all the countries of Central, Eastern, South-Eastern Europe and the Baltics, Russia, as well as Central Asia, the Caucasus, and the Black Sea sub-region, including Turkey.

The Centre encourages:

  • Disciplinary, interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and comparative research
  • Contemporary as well as historical approaches to the above themes
  • Strong international participation and close engagement with policy making communities
  • Collaboration and interaction with other LBAS Centres

Research Network Workshops

CEELBAS Network Workshops

CEELBAS organises and supports, across its network, workshops and conferences to take forward the research agenda, develop national and international research clusters, and promote the impact of area studies research. 

Knowledge Exchange Events and Internships

The CEELBAS Knowledge Exchange Programme

CEELBAS supports collaborative events and projects that are aimed in particular at highlighting the value added by language expertise and cultural or historical understanding in evaluating and responding to social, political, economic and strategic issues.

Research Internships

The CEELBAS internship scheme enables postgraduate and early-career scholars to  shape their work in relation to the strategic priorities of users outside of the Higher Education sector. Internship projects promote the dissemination of knowledge emerging from research collaboration, and increase opportunities for the exchange of expertise and skills between 'academic' and 'non-academic' communities.

Language Projects and Workshops

CEELBAS Language Workshop, UCL

CEELBAS supports projects to develop research-focused teaching materials and study resources for the languages of its regions. These are made available in the CEELBAS Language Repository - an open-access digital resource that aims also to promote pedagogic reflection on language learning and course design. CEELBAS also hosts and supports regular language workshops and conferences. Recent events include:

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International Conferences

conference delegates

Postdoctoral and Postgraduate Research 2006-2011

Ulrike Ziemer and Rogers Brubaker: 'Diasporas and Cosmopolitanism' conference, September 2010

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

In 2006-2011 seven Postdoctoral Fellowships were appointed by the Centre to develop key research themes:

UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies:

University of Oxford, Russian and East European Studies:

University of Birmingham, Centre for Russian and East European Studies:

Society, Culture and Politics of Eastern Europe Conference
A joint conference was organised by the first five CEELBAS Postdoctoral Fellows in December 2008 at the University of Oxford, designed to to take forward the Centre’s agenda and create new research synergies. Podcasts and further details.

Postgraduate Research

The Centre provided 38 M.Res / M.Phil. and 32 PhD / D.Phil. studentships to fund research relating to its key research themes: View list of CEELBAS Studentship holders and their research topics

wulf small

Research Posters

A selection of Postdoctoral Research Posters from the CEELBAS conference Research without Frontiers in June 2011 are also available

network workshop EBRD
poster internship event