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The CEELBAS Internship Scheme

An internship scheme for postgraduate students and early-career scholars was launched by CEELBAS in June 2012, with a specific remit to establish internships for researchers who are undertaking advanced historical, cultural or language-based research. The aims and objectives of the Internship Scheme are:

  • to give researchers the opportunity to shape their work in relation to the strategic priorities of non-academic users
  • to promote the dissemination of knowledge emerging from research collaboration
  • to increase opportunities for the exchange of expertise and skills between academic and non-academic communities

CEELBAS would be pleased to hear from organisations interested in discussing potential internship projects, as well as from postgraduate or early-career researchers at one of the CEELBAS network universities interested in taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the scheme. For further information, please contact ssees-ceelbas@ucl.ac.uk

Completed CEELBAS Internships