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Research Posters


The CEELBAS Conference included an exhibition of research posters, providing a snapshot of the research supported through the 32 PhD / D.Phil. Scholarships and 7 Postdoctoral Fellowships awarded by the Centre since 2006. Posters were also produced to highlight the impact and outcomes of the CEELBAS research network workshops 'Doing Culture' / 'Situating Culture' and 'RottenBeat'.

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Postdoctoral Research

connolly small

Richard Connolly:

Knowledge-based Economic Development in Emerging Europe

mathivet small

Benoit Mathivet:

Health and Welfare in Eastern Europe

pyrah small

Robert Pyrah:

Cultural Memory and Identity Building: L’viv-Lwów-Lemberg-Lvov, 1918-39 and in post-Soviet Ukraine

wulf small

Meike Wulf:

Topographies of Contested Pasts in East European post-Transition Cities: The iconography of war memories in contemporary Estonia and Slovenia

ziemer small

Ulrike Ziemer:

Armenian Transnational Experiences: Diaspora Youth Cultural Identities in Russia and Bulgaria

10 4 12

Doctoral Research

Chiara Amini:

Essays on Economic Development


Anna Bailey:

Vodka nation: alcohol problems and policy formation in contemporary Russia

bailey small

Stephanie Garstin:

Nuclear Power, the Politics of Scale and Energy Governance in Poland

garstin small

Elizabeth Harrison:

The Image of Roman Catholicism in Russian literary culture, 1820-1949

harrison small

Daniela Ionescu:

Advancing Western vested interests in the Eastern Enlargement - the role of conditionality. The case of 2007 Enlargement (Bulgaria/Romania)

ionescu small

Thomas Jackson:

Migrants as knowledge carriers: International mobility in Serbia

jackson small

Joanna Szostek:

Russia in the news of its neighbours: Cross-border connections and foreign affairs coverage in the Russian-language media of Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova

saostek small
6 5 9

Research Networks:

culture small ‘Doing Culture’ and ‘Situating Culture’
rottenbeat small RottenBeat: Academic and Musical Dialogue with New Russian Punk
8 7 13

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