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Would you like to appear on the Database?

Entry on the Database is open to all past and current doctoral students and current academic or teaching staff of the participating universities whose expertise falls within the remit of CEELBAS. The participating universities are:  Bath, Birmingham, Cambridge, Kent, Manchester, Oxford, Sheffield, Warwick, SOAS and UCL.

Membership categories

CEELBAS Research Network Academic staff employed by a participating CEELBAS institution
CEELBAS Doctoral Student (past or current) Past or current doctoral students of a participating CEELBAS institution
International Affiliate Academic staff employed by universities where a formal collaboration agreement is in place between the home institution and a CEELBAS university

Please follow the link below to submit your details. You will be sent an email to confirm that your submission has been received and will be notified once this has been approved.

Important note: when listing publications on the online form, please use single rather than double quotation marks

Apply to be listed as an expert on the Database

Further guidance is provided with the form. You will note that only some of the fields are compulsory; these are indicated on the form. For convenience, entries can be ‘copied’ and ‘pasted’ from (e.g.) an existing MS Word document. You will be asked to provide contact details, but to afford some protection against spam emails, your details will not be disclosed to individuals wishing to contact an Expert. They will be prompted to submit their enquiry by completing a form that will generate an email automatically sent to you by the system.

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