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CEELBAS Conference: 22 and 23 June 2011, UCL

‘Research without Frontiers: inter-university cooperation in East European area studies’

Highlighting CEELBAS research excellence, collaboration and innovation around key strategic themes, with high-profile international speakers and users outlining the major questions shaping the research agenda.

opening session

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Malcolm Grant

Wednesday June 22nd

10.15-10.50– Welcome and Introduction

Robin Aizlewood (UCL, CEELBAS Director), Malcolm Grant (UCL President & Provost), David Gowan (Former GB Ambassador to Belgrade and Deputy Head of the Embassy in Moscow), Hilary Footitt (University of Reading)

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11.00-12.45 – Panel 1 Security & Stability

Stephen Dalziel (Russo-British Chamber of Commerce), Nat Copsey (Aston, Jean Monnet Wider-Europe Network), Amelia Hadfield (VUB), Jamie Shea (NATO), Markku Kivinen (Helsinki)


13.45-14.40 - Research Poster Exhibition

14.55-16.40 – Panel 2 Elites & Democracy in Post-Communist Europe

Seán Hanley (UCL), David Lane (Cambridge), Aleks Szczerbiak (Sussex), Milada Vachudova (North Carolina), HE Mr. Ric Todd (GB Ambassador to Warsaw) 

16.55-18.40 – Panel 3 Making the Marginal Visible: New Sites of Cultural Research


Hilary Pilkington (Warwick), Madeleine Reeves (Manchester), Sudha Rajagopalan (Utrecht), Andres Kurg (Estonian Academy of Art)

18.45-19.45 - Reception (Masaryk Common Room, UCL SSSEES)


charlie and benoit

Thursday June 23rd

09.30-11.15 – Panel 4 Health & Wellbeing: Reforms, Problems, Prospects

Chris Davis (Oxford), Martin Bobak (UCL), Dave Leon (LSHTM), Charles Walker (Soton), Benoit Mathivet (WHO)

11.30-13.15 – Panel 5 Migration, Memory, Diaspora & Social Change

irina and linda

Ulrike Ziemer (UCL), Robert Pyrah (Oxford), Meike Wulf (Maastricht), Guzel Sabirova (Ulyanovsk), Elena Omelchenko (St Petersburg)

14.15-16.00 – Panel 6 Prospects for Knowledge-based Economic Development

galina and karina

Julian Cooper (Birmingham), Richard Connolly (Birmingham), Slavo Radosević (UCL), Linda Yueh (Oxford), Irina Dezhina (Russian Academy of Science)

16.15-18.00 – Panel 7 Post-Communist Network Society: Settings, Perspectives & Research Approaches


Galina Miazhevich (Oxford), Natasha Rulyova (Birmingham), Stephen Hutchings (Manchester), Pavel A. Lebedev (Public Opinion Foundation, Moscow), Karina Alexanyan Fitch (Columbia)

18.05-18.45 – Closing Session

George Kolankiewicz (UCL), Tim Haughton (Birmingham), Vera Tolz (Manchester), Stefan Wagstyl (Financial Times)

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