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Welcome to PROeLANG! Personal Learning Environments in Polish and Romanian Language Teaching

16 July 2013


PROeLANG is a collaborative project between Urszula Chowaniec (UCL SSEES Teaching Fellow in Polish) and Ramona Gonczol (UCL SSEES Senior Teaching Fellow in Romanian) to conceptualise, research and design e-learning toolkits for independent postgraduate language learners. Sample Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) have been created for Polish and Romanian (beginners’ levels) but the model is designed to be transferable to other languages.

The PROeLANG website includes:

  • A project overview and orientation guide
  • Sample self-study toolkits for Polish and Romanian
  • A pedagogical rationale for the toolkits and for the further development of research into eLearning for languages (also available in pdf format)
  • A project blog and feedback form
  • Useful links and related information

The PROeLANG project is envisaged as a practical way to enrich language teaching and learning processes and to encourage language teachers to share knowledge and develop common approaches to eLearning. To learn more about the project and contribute to the discussion, visit http://proelang.weebly.com/index.html or e-mail proelanguage@gmail.com.

Project flyer (June 2013) - click to enlarge (opens in new window):

PROeLANG flyer image