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Doctoral Training Workshop: ‘All things to all people?' Internal and external approaches to Europeanisation

Start: Oct 31, 2013 06:00 PM
End: Nov 01, 2013 06:00 PM

Location: The University of Kent

On 31st October and 1st of November 2013, the Global Europe Centre at the University of Kent organised a doctoral workshop ‘All Things to All People?’ Internal and External Approaches to Europeanisation. A report on the event is provided below.

Workshop publication

A selection of working papers from the workshop was published in 2014, and launched at the University of Kent's 'Europe Day' (9th April). This publication brings together research on aspects of Europeanisation, the challenge of its conceptualisation, and the overall future of the European studies research agenda:


Workshop Report by Igor Merheim-Eyre and Eske van Gills:

The event consisted of an introductory key note lecture and a doctoral student conference, and was realised with the generous financial support of CEELBAS and the University of Kent Graduate School.

Professor Ian Manners, from the University of Copenhagen, gave a deeply insightful and thought-provoking lecture in which he addressed changing approaches to the study of the EU in general, and Europeanisation in particular. The lecture was widely attended from students and staff from across the University and its Learning Centres. Nearly fifty listeners crowded into the room, and Professor Manners’ views were received with much enthusiasm and curiosity. Lively debates followed the presentation and continued at the reception thereafter.


The workshop itself took place the next day, on 1st November. Along with the invited academic and student guests, these included 15 participants from the University of Kent (Canterbury and Brussels), Oxford, Cambridge, Maastricht (Netherlands) and Luxembourg. Eight PhD students presented their own understanding and operationalization of the wide concept of Europeanisation, with topics ranging from immigration policy, nation-building in Latvia and Turkish disability policies, to name a few. They were split into panels, and feedback on the papers and presentations was given by Dr Matthew Loveless and Professor Richard Whitman, both from the University of Kent. This was followed by questions and answers, and further feedback from the other students, which certainly was one of the workshop’s successes as a result of the thought-provoking discussions after each presentation.

The day was concluded with a Round Table in which all findings were brought together. Core subject was the value and future of the Europeanisation concept. It was led by four academics from the University of Kent, Professor Richard Whitman, Dr Tom Casier, Dr Toni Haastrup and Olya Burlyuk who spoke about their own experiences and views on the problems and solutions in operationalizing Europeanisation, as well as its potential use in the future study of Europe.

During the event, it was observed how contested the concept of Europeanisation is, but also that European Studies in general may benefit from a wider research scope on EU affairs. As a consequence, we all agreed that there is potential in exploring the possibilities of an inter-disciplinary approach and in applying a more critical view towards the European Union when researching EU related topics. Consequently students are now committed to reworking their contributions into a themed working volume on Europeanisation, to be published under the Global Europe Centre’s heading.

We hope that the workshop has further consolidated relations between the University’s Global Europe Centre, its Graduate School, CEELBAS and external participants from across Europe. As such, we would like to thank CEELBAS (and Professor Elena Korosteleva for initialising the application) and the University of Kent Graduate School for their financial support.

Igor Merheim-Eyre and Eske van Gills, PhD Candidates

Workshop organisers

Global Europe Centre, School of Politics & IR

University of Kent

For more information about the University of Kent Global Europe Centre, visit www.kent.ac.uk/politics/gec or e-mail globaleuropecentre@gmail.com