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CEELBAS Advisory Committee

The CEELBAS Advisory Committee consists of members drawn from key stakeholders, both academic and from the user community, and the CEELBAS Management Board. The role of the Committee is to comment and advise on the aims and future direction of the Centre.

External Advisers

Sir Roderic Lyne (Chair) British Ambassador to Russia (2000-2004). Consultant on Russia and the CIS. Special Advisor to BP Group and HSBC bank.
Dr Robin Aizlewood
Director of CEELBAS (2006-2012) and former Director of UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies
Professor Timothy Colton Professor of Government and Russian Studies & Director of the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies (Harvard)
Professor Hilary Footitt Senior Research Fellow, University of Reading
David Gowan Ambassador in Belgrade (2003-6) & Minister and Deputy Head of the Embassy in Moscow (2000-3)
Guy Harington Former Head of Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa Public Sector Group, Citigroup
Professor Markku Kivinen Director of the Finnish Centre for Russian and East European Studies, University of Helsinki
Professor Lena Kolarska-Bobinska, MEP Director of the Institute for Public Affairs (Warsaw)
Member of the European Parliament
John-Paul Smith Global Emerging Markets equity strategist, Deutsche Bank
Dr Kaja Tael Undersecretary, European Union Affairs
Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Stefan Wagstyl Berlin Editor (and former Eastern Europe Editor), The Financial Times